Make recruiting new employees easy & efficient while creating a great first impression

Completely Paperless Solution
The entire process of recruitment and onboarding is completed without paper using our advanced online solution, delivering significant efficiencies.

Automatically Generated Employment Contracts
Powerful employment contract construction ensures you secure first choice candidates quickly.

Reduce Compliance Risk
Ensures approved employment contracts are issued and supports Ministry of Manpower reviews. Automatically remind employees and managers of any upcoming probation reviews.

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Web based Recruitment &

Imagine eliminating 80% of your
manual recruitment & onboarding
costs, whilst also improving engagement
with your new hires.

Onboard Express allows you to quickly construct and issue a
legal employment contract to new hires.

Your candidates login securely to their personalised portal to
review and approve their employment contract, complete and
accept important forms and policies online using mobile PIN
security or electronic signature entry.

The system allows you to include company information and
welcome packs to reinforce your business culture before
they start. The system then alerts Payroll to prepare for
Day One readiness.

Reduce duplication and compliance risks

  • Enables tracking of all applicants per role advertised, and provides auditable records for Ministry of Manpower reviews
    Easily view all applicants per vacancy and send interview initiations; record Manager’s decision
  • Enables employment contracts to be quickly created, reviewed and issued electronically
  • Allows new hires to accept employment contracts, forms and policies securely online
  • Enables candidates to access their onboarding pack and complete instantly via browsers, tablets or smartphones
  • Improves recruitment process visibility via Manager dashboard and provides the ability to configure reminders and notices.

Easy to implement, Intuitive to use

Our solution creates significant efficiencies for recruitment and onboarding.

Onboard Express is initiated when a person applies for a vacancy online by clicking on a link.

The recruiter dashboard displays all current vacancies and applicants in your company.

It allows you to create your employment contract and onboarding packs, and have everything approved and sent electronically.

Your selected candidate receives an SMS and email to login to their secure, personalised portal. This portal can include company information, their letter of offer, forms and policies to review and approve online.

Recruitment & approved employment contract

Compatible with popular job websites
Link to Onboard Express directly from
your job advertisement on your preferred
website to enable job seekers to complete
application forms online.

List all applicants
Show all applicants on a dashboard, and
allow the Manager to assign a decision status.
Electronic contract delivery
Once you have selected an applicant, the
employment contract is issued to the
candidate electronically.

Digital acceptance

Personalised candidate portal
The candidate’s personalised portal allows you to
customise the information displayed to each

Digital information capture
Intelligent online forms capture candidate’s data
without duplication.
Digital signature approvals
Candidates can complete and accept all
employment forms and contracts online.
A digital validation step via your mobile phone or
live signature panel provides additional security.

Day One readiness & integration

Unique processing satisfies privacy handling of
all information.

Day One readiness
The system notifies all stakeholders about the
new starter, including providing relevant set up
information to the Manager to ensure Day One

Probation Review (optional)
Managers receive reminders regarding upcoming
probation reviews of their new employees.

How it works

Recruitment Dashboard

Easily view all applicants for a job and record the reasons why you decide to hire or decline. Meets Ministry of Manpower audit requirements.
Online Acceptance

Once a candidate is happy to formally accept their employment contract, onboarding forms and policy documents, the system includes an additional digital security validation step. A full audit trail of the offer and acceptance is also recorded.

Onboarding Dashboard

The Manager’s dashboard provides a quick progress snapshot of the candidate being recruited.

Onboard Express vs
Manual Recruitment

If your team is still manually recruiting your employees, watch
this video to see how easy it is to convert to our secure, paperless
system which will save you countless hours and improve the
recruitment experience!

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